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Annual Events

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Annual Events in Magdalena de Kino


In addition to traditional Mexican celebrations, there are three main festivals held in Magdalena every year. Each offers an opportunity to observe cultural traditions in art, dance, food and crafts.

Mid-to-late-month in May: Festival Kino

This festival is to celebrate the contributions of Father Kino, and to mark the date when his remains were discovered in Magdalena. The 2011 festival was also a remembrance of the 300th anniversary of Father Kino’s death.

Festivities include a variety of cultural events, from art and photography exhibitions to live performance art and Tohono O’odham cultural exhibits.

Fiestas de Saint Ignatius of Loyola – last week in July

From dusk to dawn during these fiestas, the air of Magdalena is filled with music to honor Saint Ignatius of Loyola. Other festivities include horse races, and lots of traditional food, music and dance.

September 15 and 16: Fiestas Patrias

The “grito de independencia” of “Viva Mexico!” will be shouted on the evening of September 15th, followed by additional fiestas on September 16th, Mexican Independence Day.

Fiestas de San Francisco Javier (October Fiestas) – last week in September and first week of October

These fiestas are the biggest annual event in Magdalena. Thousands of the faithful walk from the border in Nogales and Agua Prieta to Magdalena on a manda, to give thanks to the town’s patron saint of St. Francis Javier and celebrate the fiestas.

If you happen to be driving on Mexico highway 15 before or during the event, alongside the road you will see many of the pilgrims who walk from Nogales to Magdalena to show their devotion and thanks to San Francisco.