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Things to see in Magdalena de Kino, Sonora

Magdalena de Kino, Sonora is a town with a fascinating history, and to this day it maintains a charming ambiance that delights visitors from around the world.

In recognition of the many special places Magdalena has to welcome and entertain visitors, the town has been designated as a Pueblo Magico, or magical town, by the Mexican federal government.

From its unique history, culture, events and people, Magdalena de Kino offers an abundance of reasons to visit this magical place.

We have provided links to some great places to experience in Magdalena, to include the Temple Santa Maria, Plaza Monumental, the Kino Mausoleum, the Palacio Municipal, Plaza Benito Juarez, the Colosio Mausoleum, the Capilla de San Francisco and the local curio shops.